Dr. Heidi Meeke and Kelly Anderson founded Criminogenic Solutions LLC in 2009 to provide training and information about psychopathy.

Criminogenic Solutions, LLC expanded to include a range of topics and services.


Dr. Heidi Meeke

Co-Director, Criminogenic Solutions LLC

Dr. Meeke holds a doctoral degree in clinical psychology from Pacific University (Hillsboro, Oregon) with a specialty in forensic psychology and treatment for anxiety. She completed her American Psychological Association (APA) approved internship at Colorado Mental Health Institute of Pueblo- Forensic Psychiatric Institute, where she conducted psychosexual risk assessments to include initial evaluations and updates on criminal sexual behavior. She provided sex-offender treatment groups for purposes of decreasing sex-offense and violent recidivism. She also provided individual psychotherapy to sexual offenders who have been convicted or found Not Guilty by Reason of Insanity, or had a deviant sexual history yet had not formally been charged with an offense. In addition, she co-conducted penile plethysmograph (PPG) testing utilizing the Monarch 21 system and conducted forensic evaluations focused on competency issues and violence risk assessments.

As part of her formal education and post-doc, Dr. Meeke conducted clinical assessments to assist in the psychological evaluation of defendants who have been charged with serious crimes, including but not limited to, murder, sexual and physical assault, embezzlement, kidnapping, and domestic violence.

Dr. Meeke has experience in organizational consulting for forensic institutions including the Oregon Department of Corrections and Oregon State Hospital. She has multiple publications and over 25 national/international presentations. Dr. Meeke is the co-founder and co-director of the Portland Anxiety Clinic, LLC and specializes in clinical work with adults experiencing difficulty with fear and anxiety related disorders using Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Exposure Response Prevention among other treatment modalities. A curriculum vita (CV) is available upon request.

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Kelly Anderson, MA

Co-Director, Criminogenic Solutions LLC

Kelly has worked in the mental health field since 2000, starting in an acute psychiatric inpatient unit. Kelly graduated from Gonzaga University with a M.A. in Counseling Psychology and completed a 15 month internship in the Veteran’s Administration system.   Additionally Kelly has worked for county crisis services, outpatient mental health, and in corrections mental health.    Kelly’s correctional experience has been both in male and female prisons as well as two county jails.   Kelly has had the opportunity to be involved in various programs and special housing units within the correctional setting including Prison Rape Elimination Act/Sexual Assault Response Team team, special population management team, mental health unit, and intensive management unit.  

Kelly served as the Lead Mental Health Specialist for the intake and female prison in Oregon and was often called upon by command staff to help trouble shoot institutional issues.      

Kelly has extensive training, knowledge, and experience working with difficult to manage and violent offenders, including assisting with the design and implementation of a behavioral modification unit with female offenders.    Kelly also has extensive experience and knowledge in working with clients who are in Special Housing due to violent and institutional misconduct.  Kelly has training and experience working with individuals with trauma, both military and civilian, and has formal training in both Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Dialectic Behavioral Therapy.    Kelly has also been trained to administer the Hare Psychopathy Checklist (PCL-R) and has had various other forensic trainings.   Kelly has been a trainer for C.I.T (Crisis Intervention Training) as well as a trainer for Oregon Department of Corrections.  

Kelly has a passion for working within the forensic population, particularly with difficult to manage individuals.